Cloud9 Nail Salon
Creating Beauty

Our Nail Salon brings unique and custom nail designs to all customers. We are a team of nail artists specializing on complete nail care.

Be Different with
Our Nail Design

Our qualified team provides a full range of nail design services to satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Better Nail Care
for Your Pleasure

We are dedicated to bring you the best nail care services combined with expert techniques used in the nail salon industry.

Why Our Clients
Choose Us

Our salon aims to deliver the best nail design experience and top-notch customer service.

We use all-natural, organic body products, high quality polish brands and colors.

Special Pricing

We provide a wide variety of affordable nail and skin treatments for you. Below you can learn more about the price range of our services.

Our manicure treatments stimulate nail growth and soften dry, dull skin.

Pedicure services provide full restoration for your nails with extra polishing.

Let our nail artists create a stunning and sustainable nail design for you.

This is a treatment for hands and feet that complements your manicure and pedicure.

Our Reviews


Dear customers,

Our Salon Policy is to protect the customer rights and guarantee our services.The hard copy is displayed in our Salon and available on your request.

We also would like to inform the main points that you need to be aware before booking or coming to our salon for the service(s).


  1. Traditional polish is not guaranteed
  2. Enhancement or any treatment/ Gel polish services are Only guaranteed for 10 days from your visit . Within this time frame , if any problem due to the technical , please get in touch with us to schedule your free repair . If you can not come back within the free repair period, please still inform us and book an appointment at your most convenient .
  3. We will not be responsible for any breakage , infection or damage nails or any treatments after you Leave the salon.


  1. No cash refund will be given After you have left the salon.
  2. If you have any problem concern to the service , staff .., please inform us at the till point.
  3. If you paid and left the salon , we will consider that you accepted and were happy with the complete result of the service / staff.
  4. No refund will be given just because you simply changed your mind.


Thank you for your supports.

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